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Compliance Solutions

"Developed by EHS Compliance Managers, with options to integrate functionality."

Significant time and effort savings -'freeing you up for other tasks'

The time it takes to complete compliance checks will be cut in half, compared to the standard written process. Compliance information can be handled once, on a pre-set tablet touch screen, thus avoiding the typical four staged process of:

  • completing a checklist during a site inspection;
  • returning to the office to transfer data to computer;
  • complete action sheets against observations; and
  • issue notifications, reports and then file.

Minimise legal risk - 'peace of mind'

Important events, such as a Licence/Permit renewal dates, are tracked with reminder notifications automatically issued. If the Site Officer is away, ComplySure will escalate notification through management tiers; thereby ensuring you minimise the risk of being fined.

Better use of information collected - 'make informed decisions'

Information can be viewed both on an individual site or multi-site comparative basis. Records are filed and retrievable at any time from anywhere with mobile reception (or WiFi). Site performance data can be viewed, compared and used to influence improvement schedules, investment decisions and budget forecasts.

Real time access to compliance detail - 'get it when you want it'

Instant access to data, performance & statistics anywhere there's internet:

  • Historic records and reports
  • License and Permit details
  • Site performance and monitoring status
  • Action plans and agendas
  • Organisation performance statistics

Mo more hunting down staff or trudging through emailed reports.

Easy to use and based on sustainability principles - 'doing your bit'

ComplySure operates remotely using 'cloud' functionality. It frees up corporate resources, minimises maintenance requirements, has low paper use burden and presents a negligible carbon footprint.

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